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Greetings from the President

CEO Maharu Okamoto

President Masaharu Okamoto

Okamoto Logistics Co., Ltd., has been operating for close to 100 years, having been founded in Hakozaki-cho, Nihonbashi in 1927 (the 2nd year of Showa) as "Okamoto Kaiso Ten" in my grandfather's generation. My grandfather, the founder, secured the company's foundation by obtaining various business licenses and left a major mark on the development of the industry, including receiving an award from the Minister of Transport (now the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) as an important person in the port transportation business.

As a result, he was awarded the Fifth Class Order of Merit by the Emperor, and the Order of the Sacred Treasure by then prime minster Eisaku Sato.

My father, the former president, used the keywords "a logistics trading company" to promote the fusion of logistics systems and trading company functions.

I have been making efforts to encourage the sprouting of the seeds of globalization and computerization planted in my father's generation. In particular, we are proud that our own development of a shipment support system (Shipmate) through IBM was quite groundbreaking, both for us and the industry.

Together with the employees, we keep trying new things and making new proposals under the spirit of “Never Give Up.”

As a result, in 2001, we realized "container round use", or the reuse of containers from different shippers and shipping companies, which was said to be impossible at that time. And in 2005, due to this achievement which resulted in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, we were honored with the Person of Merit for Environmental Conservation award by the Kanto Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Thereafter, in 2006, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport named this eco-friendly method of physical distribution as "Green Logistics." However, we’d been using this expression from far earlier, in our efforts to promote various energy-saving logistics, including the use of returnable transportation equipment and container packing of trucks that had completed delivery.

Having bases in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the United States, we are working together with people from various countries.

We will continue to actively try new things as we have always done, to coordinate with the new, highly efficient service logistics industry, which will overcome the corporate and industry barriers in both competitive and cooperative areas.

We feel that we are required to quickly catch up with the arrival of new container technology that utilizes cloud computing systems (≒ Physical Internet) for logistics services.

The company's motto, "The Pursuit of the Enrichment of Humanity," is a slogan aimed at fostering a corporate culture that can expand the range of our activities globally and places this diversity in high esteem.

While maintaining it is important that each and every employee be respected as an individual, I will make tireless efforts to secure our company for the next 100 years as a business with many dreams.

― Corporate Philosophy

Social contribution, business creation for the future and the respect of humans-with all these in mind,

OLCL continue to develop and serve customers as their global logistics service providers.

― Management policy

  1. We will contribute to society by always seeking and providing optimal logistics services from the customer`s point of view.
  2. We will return benefits to our shareholders, employees and society through solid and efficient corporate management.
  3. We will respect the individually of our employees, and in order to use the most of it`s qualities, we aim to create a vibrant and growing corporate environment.

Corporate philosophy : The pusuit of enrichment of humanity

Enrichment of humanity cannot be built in a short period of time, it should be built on the fighting spirit and the always looking to the new world, thirst for everything and power to absorb with constant attention to the rapidly changing world.

We always keep the spirit of "Never-Give-Up"and evolve with our customers.

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