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Supply Chain Management

What is the supply chain management (SCM)?

Supply chain management (SCM) is a process to optimize the entire flow from production to sales, in which multiple businesses such as suppliers, manufacturers, and logistics companies are involved so that they can produce good products from raw materials and provide them to customers.

Because of logistics globalization, the companies involved in the supply chain (suppliers, manufacturers, logistics businesses, and retailers) can work together by using various systems such as WMS and by supplying information so that they can gain some advantages, such as reducing inventory and reducing logistics costs.

In particular, inventory management is the most important issue.

As mentioned above, by supplying the information of all companies, various information can be obtained, such as the appropriate purchase quantity, stock status, and the right time for delivery, and can understand where useless stock exists and where there is a lack of inventory, thus reducing wasted inventory.

By finding these issues, wasteful logistics costs can be significantly reduced.

Series of logistics services in our global SCM

Just In Time

JIT (Just In Time): Well known as the Toyota Production System introduced by vehicle manufacturer Toyota in 1970. It can be considered as a strategy to supply the necessary quantity of the necessary items when¥ necessary.

In order to promote SCM, we recommend our 3PL services.

For more information, please refer to the page of “3PL and intermodal transportation”. (Link)

For global logistics, inventory management is considered to be most important in order to deliver products to customers in a speedy, inexpensive and secure manner.

global logistics

List of items that can be solved in our inventory and shipping system “Real-Time Visualization”

By managing worldwide shared information by using Real-Time Visualization (WMS), the businesses concerned (suppliers, manufacturers, logistics businesses, and retailers) can check the cloud to view either the status of individual warehouses around the world or the situation of goods movement in real time.

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